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My name is Audrey. I’m the mother of 2 active children, Bella and microphone, very educated midwives, however a regular blogger. I met my husband. The World Health Organization is fanatical components of my life, amateur creative person, commentator, and moderator.

I want to inform you World Health Organization I’m and tell the proper story and share with you the way I’ve been here in my life wherever I live immediately. A reasonably happy, coffee-dripping, self-procrastinating, scratch-loving blogger World Health Organization enjoys life in my town with my youngsters.

Audrey Harris Profile

I grew up in numerous places in Australia. I visited a similar faculty all my childhood and had many horses. I used to be an associate extrovert kid with introspective interests. I loud loudly, created my mind proverbial and responded once more once one thing felt unfair, however at a similar time I had an excellent ought to be alone – with my horses – and to browse books to find out and to empower myself all the topics of the varsity as you must.

As a sharp phrase, I applied to the nurse study in 2010, wherever I used to be admitted to checking at the start of 2009. At that point, I lived with my high school adult male, whom I most of all was gaga with as a result of he may play the stringed instrument and since his mother created a median lasagna.

Three and a 0.5 years later, my dream came true on behalf of me once I got my authorization as a nurse. I had developed massively and was from a lonely adolescent in southern Adelaide, to be a spacious, competent, patient and patient-nurse in Adelaide. In Adelaide, whereas conceiving my second kid, I decided to make a journal. About me.

With my youngsters in associate living accommodations, I started writing concerning happy days, living as a nurse, workplace community, music, fashion, beauty, ecology, travel and everything else. Welcome to, I hope you’ll be hanging here you may begin by reading my hottest personal posts.