5 Stunning Visual Games Design in 2019

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Though there’s an awful lot that goes into making a computer game, from gameplay design to AI programming sound, scriptwriting and way beyond, but, games also are a hugely visual medium, and that they can often stun players. With their leading-edge graphics or a particular style that sounds out from the gang.

It’s a mix of the two that brings this year’s winner of Best Visual Design.

Remedy Entertainment has a well-established diary of striking, impactful looking games. From the pioneering Max Payne with its Matrix-Esque movie to the stark horror lighting of Alan Wake and therefore the blurring lines between TV and computer game in Quantum Break, they’ve often been on the leading edge.

Control is not any different. Those playing on PC with Nvidia’s latest graphics cards are ready to take one step into the longer term of gaming, with ray-traced lighting throughout. Still, the game’s no slouch on console either, with outstanding use of sunshine to make the game’s ominous and supernatural atmosphere.

The other side of it is the setting. The Oldest home is a testament to brutalist architecture that was popular within the 50s and 60s. Bare concrete formed into hard lines and geometric patterns that forgoes much of the ornate creativity of architecture that went before, it’s rarely found in video games, and combined with the sci-fi, the supernatural setting gives Control the first distinctive look of the year.

Control is our winner for Best Visual Design 2019. So, here’re five stunning graphic design:


Red Dead Redemption 2 launched on PS4 and Xbox One last year, delivering one among the purest gaming experiences we’ve had in years, and this year, PC players got their hands thereon also. Now, this is often a game that already had a number of the foremost impressive visuals you’ll hope for when it came out on consoles- so it’s no surprise that on far more powerful PC hardware, it’s flat-out one among the simplest looking games so far.


Resident Evil 2 wasn’t the sole game to showcase the wonders of the RE Engine this year. The long-awaited Devil May Cry 5 also brought the series back to the limelight, wowing audiences in nearly every way possible- including with its visuals. From the demons to the environments to the animations, Devil May Cry 5’s graphics truly represent Capcom in top form.

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It’s been a short time since we played a legitimately good single-player Star Wars game. Still, Respawn Entertainment finally delivered the products this year with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, a game that appears even as good because it plays. This is often a series that has taken us to countless wondrous locations throughout the years, and Fallen Order did that also, with each of those locations delivered to live with impressive visuals. Most significantly, it managed to nail that unique Star Wars visual aesthetic, which made it desire a very authentic experience.


We expect Remedy games to point out us some bizarre sights and sounds, but they outdid themselves with Control. The Oldest House was filled with some genuinely striking imagery, with every new room having something unique to point out. Even during combat, Control’s telekinetic mayhem was a sight to behold. The sport did take significant hits within the performance department. Still, from a pure visuals viewpoint, it’s an impressive achievement.


Need for Speed Heat was – after an extended time – a step within the right direction for the franchise. But while Need for Speed has had various issues over the years, graphics haven’t been one among them- and warmth didn’t buck the trend. The car models look great, Palm City is pretty and visually diverse and driving around the city in the dark, maybe a real visual treat. It won’t take your breath away, but it still deserves tons of praise.

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